June 6, 2020

HAMILTON coming to Wichita

Hamilton’s Broadway music group will arrive in Wichita in two years. This was announced by The American Theater Guild on Tuesday as part of the BROADWAY IN WICHITA series.

The union says music pioneers can join the 2020-21 season to get the first arrival of HAMILTON broadway musical tickets and its premiere in the 2021-22 season!

The dancers of Midwest Dance Mechanix welcomed this news. Gage Gardiner says Hamilton fell in love with musical theater. Gardner said: “I never thought about doing a musical theater, until I saw Hamilton, and I loved the idea. If I could work on stage and be someone else singing and dancing, it would be great and fun. But even dancers will tell you that you don’t have to love the arts to enjoy music.

I think The Office A Musical Parody Chicago is a great experience for anyone other than just kids dancing, it’s a great show,” said Jana Owen, owner of Midwest Dance Mechanix. I will buy one for myself and one for my friends. Our friends would have made it a group thing,” he said.

HAMILTON is the story of the founding father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies who became the right hand of George Washington during the Revolutionary War and was the first secretary of the Treasury in the new state.

The result that mixes hip-hop, jazz, blues and rap music, R&B and Broadway, HAMILTON is the history of the United States at that time, as America told it now.