June 6, 2020

Joint Communique on the seventh UK-Viet Nam Strategic Dialog

On the event of the seventh UK-Viet Nam Strategic Dialog, H.E. Bad habit Minister of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam, To Anh Dung, and Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Harriett Baldwin MP, welcome the continued advancement in the vital association, especially in help of the standards based universal request, facilitated commerce, reasonable monetary development, training and social trades and respected the chance to examine the full scope of two-sided and worldwide issues, including human rights.

The UK and Viet Nam are solid promoters of worldwide facilitated commerce and welcome the marking of the EU – Viet Nam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) on 30 June. Viet Nam and the UK anticipate guaranteeing progression of exchange relations as the UK leaves the EU, including through changing the EU – Viet Nam Free Trade Agreement. The different sides likewise talked about the UK’s proposition on changing the Comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA). This will support the connection among Vietnamese and UK firms for improved challenge and efficiency.

The UK and Viet Nam are focused on cooperating in multilateral gatherings. The UK invites Viet Nam’s race as a non-lasting individual from the United Nations Security Council, and the two sides anticipate close participation on the support of universal harmony and security during Viet Nam’s residency, including on: ladies, harmony and security; post-strife remaking; and the worldwide non-expansion engineering, including demobilization, de-mining, non-multiplication of weapons of mass demolition, and goals of local issues, for example, the de-nuclearisation of the Korean landmass.

The different sides consented to close coordinated effort during Viet Nam’s Chairmanship of ASEAN in 2020. The two nations will work firmly together in the keep running up to the COP26 Climate Change Conference to reinforce duties to decreasing outflows and expanding the utilization of sustainable power source in Viet Nam.

The two sides shared perspectives on late advancements in the South China Sea, communicated support for the tranquil goals of any debates in the South China Sea based on global law, including UNCLOS, which will bolster harmony, soundness, improvement and flourishing in the district.

The two sides bolster the foundation of another Joint Serious Organized Crime Working Group to facilitate strategy improvement and undertaking conveyance in territories of present day servitude, human dealing, tyke sexual misuse and unlawful exchange of merchandise through traditions. The marking of another Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the UK Border Force and the General Department of Viet Nam Customs, just as the survey and assessment of the Returns MoU between the Home Office and the Ministry of Public Security will strengthen the significance of participation on these issues.

The two sides invited expanded collaboration in the territory of safeguard, specifically the inception of the Defense Policy Dialog, abnormal state barrier related visits and participation on United Nations Peacekeeping, including the sending of the Vietnamese level 2 field medical clinic in South Sudan.

The two sides recognized the key job of training in the relationship and respected the recharging of the choice building up the instructive and social status of the British Council in Viet Nam. They additionally underscored the significance of fortifying respective social strategy to extend the securities between the two nations.

Viet Nam and the UK exceedingly esteem normal Ministerial visits between the two nations. Viet Nam’s Minister of Finance will in no time visit London, to be trailed by Ministerial visits to Viet Nam in the coming months, including for the yearly Defense Dialog and Joint Economic and Trade Committee.